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Dog Collars - 2 In 1 Dog Leash

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Product Description: 

Item Type: Dog Traction Rope 

Material: Nylon Material 

Color: Black, Pink, Gray 

Rope Size: 3m / 118.11 " 

Target Audience: Dogs: Dog 

Size: Universal 

Gender: Unisex 


Season: all seasons 

Occasion: outdoor 


1. Packing: plastic bag and automatic sealing 

2. Accessories: the basic accessories are cable buckle

3 use: this product allows you to freely control your dog's activity space while controlling your dog. You can enjoy freedom of movement with your pet. The pull rope is automatic, so you don't need to make any effort to use it. This is really practical. 

4 features: made of high quality material and good quality-nylon, which is a durable material. You don't have to worry about it being destroyed by your dogs. It is also easily stored, because it is retractable and does not need too much space.