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Green Rope Ball Toy

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  1. Our dog toys is made from eco-friendly, washable, 100% premium cotton. They are natural, non-toxic and absolutely safe for your pet, no peculiar smell, no plastic or rubber is used, will not hurt the teeth or gums of your pet.        
  2. Dog rope toys will help to protect the gums and clean your dog’s teeth. They also can avoid your dogs to chew your furniture or shoes. And the dog chew toy will help train your dogs' reaction ability and improve their IQ.        
  3. Help you avoid confusion for dog bit everywhere during teething stage.Perfect for indoor or outdoor interactive play, fetch, toss, tug of War, chew or train, keeping dogs busy and happy and redirecting bad biting behaviors.        
  4. Our dog gift toys can satisfying dogs' instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and owner. Decreases separation anxiety while exercise his body to keep your pet healthy and avoid weight issues,Give them a happy growth.