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Tick and Flea Eliminating Pet Collar

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anti fleas & ticks collar

By emitting a toxic (to fleas, anyway) gas to kill all stages of flea life cyle

Able to kill fleas, ticks and mosquitoes plus flea eggs

Effective within 24 hours of application

Works on pet and his environment, including bedding and sleeping areas

Buckle fastened that not easily to get rid of by your pets

Easy to put on/ take off

Place the collar around dog's neck tightly enough that collar is in contact with the dog's skin

Buckle the collar and trim off the excess

Take it off when taking shower for your pet to keep the collar effective as long as possible


Note: Used only on puppies aged six weeks and over

Keep out of the reach of children


Package include:1 x Pet Anti Fleas Collar




1. The color is just for reference only. It may slightly different from real item.

2. Please allow the size for 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement.