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Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Tool

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1. Trigger the ultrasonic circuit through the barking of the dog, and send out a harsh ultrasonic wave for 5 seconds (the human can't hear it, the dog can hear it), making the dog feel very uncomfortable (no harm to the dog).

After repeated iterations, the dog established a conditional reflex, knowing that the sound wave appeared because of his own arrogance, and then no longer easily screamed.

2. It is equipped with a power adapter and plug-in. It does not need to change the battery frequently.

3. Effective distance 5M, very suitable for hotels, restaurants, courtyards, garages and other places.


Product Name: Outdoor Ultrasonic Drive Dog Stopper

Specification: 9.3*6*11.4CM

Material: ABS plastic

Power supply: AC 9V 600mA

CE certified.